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Successful Summer!

Wow, we've had a very busy summer starting off at the Suffolk show which was amazing! The weather could have been nicer at times but we still had lots of fun. A big thankyou to our great neighbours Hoax ( who helped us newbies out the two days we were there. We are looking forward to next years already!

But for now we are focussing and looking forward to Autumn. We have already added some gorgeous matching chunky knit hats and scarves from Katie Loxton for when the weather changes. Checkout her new Autumn/Winter bag collection too , we love that she has now designed bags with detachable straps.

And there is loads more beautiful items to arrive from our other designers so watch this space.

We hope we can make Christmas shopping easy for you this year by selecting the perfect gift for all the females on your Christmas list. We will be attending as many local Christmas fairs as we can and will be confirming dates and places on our blog soon! Let's all enjoy making the most of the last few summer days we have left this year first!

Fay & Cathy xx

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